Agriculture is an indispensable sector in the world economy due to reasons such as providing the food need of the world population, contributing to income and employment, meeting the raw material needs of the industrial sector, transferring capital to the industry, contributing directly and indirectly to the country's exports. The world's growing need for agriculture and agricultural products rapidly increases the economic power of the industry. Fear of hunger and famine is the cause of wars. In countries where agriculture is strong, economic development is at the highest level.

❑ Agro Global Token is the digital currency of Agro Global Group which operates in the indispensable agriculture sector.
❑ Agro Global Token token is based on a real economic asset that has a known or easily ascertainable market price.
❑ Planning to increase production capacity and efficiency by expanding agricultural areas with token revenues will make it even stronger in the future
❑ With its strong company structure, the projects it has developed, its investments in modern agriculture, the use of high technology, and the combination of agriculture and technology in the fields and in the blockchain network, AGRO Global Group continues to gain strength and value.
❑ Develops projects in the metaverse and breaks new ground with the E-META trading system
❑ The company works for the use of Agro Global Token in international agricultural trade.