Slide Agro Global Token Agro Global Group agricultural company goes public and meets with its investors. 95 billion AGRO Tokens were produced equivalent to 19% of the Agro Global Group. BUY AGRO

We transform the agriculture world

Agro combines its technological power and experience in agriculture with the digital world.

The Power of Agro

The world’s strongest and most widespread decentralized agriculture network

Our Goal

To create ever-growing agricultural areas for humanity.


Change the world with Agro. Join the growth and benefit.

What is Agro Token?

  • Agro Token is non mintable and non burnable security token created by Agro Global Group.
  • 95 billion of AGRO token represents 19% shares of the AGRO Global Group company
  • Agro token will be traded in major cryptocurrency exchanges as well as in its own B2B trading platform
  • Token holders will be entitled to future rewards.
Agro Global Group
To accelerate AGRO Global’s mission and enrich the lives of farmers and farming communities around the world we are launching our Agro Token.
For our world
We transform the agriculture world
Our Goal
To create ever-growing agricultural areas for humanity.


  • AGRO TOKEN is the digital currency of the UK origin Agro Global Group agricultural company, which is engaged in farming activities around the world.
  • All of the benefit to be obtained from the AGRO Token sharing will be evaluated by purchasing new agricultural areas by the Agro Global Group.
  • AGRO uses wide range of new hi-tech tools (Robotics, AI, ICT, Big Data, Earth Observation, etc.). The synergic use of these instruments allows the shifting to the new paradigm of Sustainable Precision Agriculture (SPF)
  • It is aimed at expanding the existing agricultural areas in a short time.
  • Necessary studies have been initiated to increase product diversity.
  • Growing farmland will make AGRO TOKEN even more valuable.
  • The AGRO team is working to make AGRO TOKEN one of the most valid digital currencies in agricultural markets and trading around the world.
  • Agro Global Group agricultural company will market its own agricultural products to the world with AGRO TOKEN.
  • Agro Global Group agricultural company has launched its e-commerce site so that it can easily market its own products and other grower companies’ products worldwide.

Agro and e-commerce

The Agro token is preparing to be traded on the e-commerce site, which has the widest range of agriculture. With this method, commissions are removed in international agricultural trade.

Agro Digital Currency

Digital currency in modern and sustainable agriculture. A new era is beginning in agricultural shopping in the world with agro technology. We offer you today’s technology in the field of agriculture and make your life easier.

The Most Reliable And Powerful Platform Built For Agriculture

It brings the grower and the consumer together safely, quickly, easily and cheaply in the global world. An evolutionary movement in agriculture.

Growth with AGRO-innovations; growth and co-win

It continues to work rapidly to establish the world’s largest agricultural cultivation gardens. Existing growing gardens are growing rapidly. You too can be a part of this growth. AGRO continues to innovate. AGRO GOLD, AGRO SILVER, AGRO BRONZE projects are coming soon…

AGRO Token is The Heart of Agriculture

We know the value of orchards and water and we offer this value to you. Declining agricultural lands and water resources are of vital importance. We offer solutions to this problem with AGRO. Do something for the world yourself.

Distribution of tokens

Token sale
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The winning process with Agro Token

Agro Ability

The Agro Global Token is the digital currency of the London-based Agro Global Group agricultural company, which is engaged in agricultural activities around the world.

Agro for the World

Agro Token tries to raise awareness of agriculture by creating a growing community, to be aware of new technologies and methods, to expand the decreasing agricultural areas in the world, and to ensure that farmers who produce agriculture can deliver their products to new markets with smart contracts.


The Agro Global Token Company ensures that all the commodities to be obtained from the marketing of Agro Tokens will be evaluated by purchasing agricultural lands.

It aims to increase the existing agricultural areas by millions of m2s in a short time.

Growing farmlands will make the Agro Token even more valuable.

Investment Opportunity

As the Agro Token team, we announce that we offer very high earnings for all of you all over the world with technological and smart agriculture.

By purchasing Agro Tokens, you invest in next generation agriculture.

Agro Blockchain

We have started a decentralized, public blockchain infrastructure to build a global power community in agriculture.