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Agro Global Group agricultural company goes
public and meets with its investors.

Our Goal
To create ever-growing agricultural areas for humanity.
The Power of Agro
The agricultural sector is a critical component of the global economy. According to experts, the agricultural industry is approximately 25% of Global GDP and is a constantly growing part of it.
Change the world with Agro. Join the growth and benefit.

What is Agro Token?

Agro Global token is a project that combines its technological capabilities and expertise in agriculture with the digital world. AGRO is a BEP-20 non-mintable token created by the Agro Global Group. Initially, 95 billion of AGRO token are generated. Agro token will be traded in major cryptocurrency exchanges as well as in its own B2B trading platform. Token holders will be entitled to future rewards.

Blockchain and Agriculture

Agro Global Token provides high efficiency and profit by combining blockchain technology with agriculture. The Agro Global Token is the right way to adapt blockchain technology to agriculture.

Agro Digital Currency

Agro Global Token provides high efficiency, profit and transparency by combining blockchain technology and agriculture. With this method, the elimination of the middlemen prevents the unnecessary expensiveness of the agricultural products. Agro Global Token is the right way to adapt blockchain technology to agriculture.

Agro and The World

Agro Global token is preparing to launch its e-meta trading platform. In this first agriculture fair in the Metaverse environment, there will be stores that bring buyers and sellers together along with the halls where world agriculture organizations will hold conferences.
Agro develops platforms for global token agribusiness and invites companies operating in the agricultural industry. With this strategy, the Agro Global Token will continue to grow and strengthen.

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Why Agro Global Token ?

Agriculture is an indispensable sector in the world economy due to reasons such as providing the food need of the world population, contributing to income and employment, meeting the raw material needs of the industrial sector, transferring capital to the industry, contributing directly and indirectly to the country’s exports. The world’s growing need for agriculture and agricultural products rapidly increases the economic power of the industry. Fear of hunger and famine is the cause of wars. In countries where agriculture is strong,
economic development is at the highest level.

  • Agro Global Token is the digital currency of Agro Global Group which operates in the indispensable agriculture sector.
  • Agro Global Token token is based on a real economic asset that has a known or easily ascertainable market price.
  • Planning to increase production capacity and efficiency by expanding agricultural areas with token revenues will make it even stronger in the future.
  • With its strong company structure, the projects it has developed, its investments in modern agriculture, the use of high technology, and the combination of agriculture and technology in the fields and in the blockchain network, AGRO Global Group continues to gain strength and value.
  • Develops projects in the metaverse and breaks new ground with the E-META trading system.
  • The company works for the use of Agro Global Token in international agricultural trade.

Agro Global Group



Agro Global Group


2021 - Nov

Agro Global Group Corp. was established in British Virgin Islands. (Agro Global Group Corp.)

2021 Dec

Listing on exchanges. (PancakeSwap, Probit, Coinsbit, Latoken)

2021 Dec / 2022 Jan

Incorporation of two companies were completed in the United Kingdom and Turkey. (AGRO Yatirim Tarimsal Urunler A.S.- Agro Global Group Ltd.)

2022 Jan

The first phase of the 5.500.000 sqm arbequina olive groves planned in Turkey, 144.439 sqm of agricultural land was purchased. It is planned to purchase all agricultural lands until December 2022

2022 - 1st Quarter

Supply contracts will be signed for Arbequina olive and dragon fruit saplings.

2022 - 2nd Quarter

The AGRO Global Token wallet will be released on the mobile application markets.

2022 - 3rd Quarter

Listing negotiations will be initiated with one of the top 10 echanges on the Coinmarketcap site.

2022 - 3rd Quarter

The first olive saplings will be planted in Turkey.

2022 - 3rd Quarter

The E-Meta platform will be launched.

2022 - 3rd Quarter

Sales contracts will be signed for Agrosapidum branded products.

2022 - 3rd Quarter

For the walnut garden establishment, new regional analysis will be made and land purchasing will begin.

2022 - 3rd Quarter

Greenhouse installations will be started for dragon fruit cultivation.

2022 - 4th Quarter

Land purchase plans will be made for the world's largest known strawberry greenhouses.

2023 - 2nd Quarter

Company establishments and land acquisitions will be initiated in the Republic of South Africa and India.


What is Agro Global Token?

It is the digital currency of the UK-based agricultural company that works with a solution-oriented approach to the problems in agriculture and produces modern agriculture.

What is the maximum supply of Agro Global Token?

The maximum supply of Agro Global Tokens is 95 billion units which can not be reproduced or mined.

Do you plan to burn to reduce the amount of supply?

Yes, 38 billion Agro Global Tokens, corresponding to 40%, will be burned at certain time intervals.

On which blockchain is the Agro Global Token generated?

Agro Global Token is a BEP-20 utility token generated on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain.

What is utility token?

Utility tokens are tokens used to access a particular product or service.

Can I store Agro Global Tokens in my own wallet?

Yes, you can store Agro Global Tokens in your personal wallets that support BEP-20 tokens.

Why should I buy Agro Global Token?

Agriculture is the most important element in life. It is getting more and more valuable. Owning the Agro Global Token, the digital currency of the UK-based agricultural company that produces solutions to agricultural problems and makes large investments, is a great investment in the field of agriculture. Because the future is in agriculture.

What are the advantages of Agro Global Token?

The difference will be understood with the staking programs that will be organized in the following time periods.

How can I buy Agro Global Token?

You can buy Agro Global Token on Probit Global, Latoken and Pancakeswap.